Refereed Publications

  1. Predictions for the detection of Tidal Streams with Gaia using Great Circle Methods.

   Mateu, Cecilia; Cooper, Andrew; Font, Andreea S.; Aguilar, Luis; Frenk, Carlos; Cole, Shaun;

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  1. Detection of satellite remnants in the Galactic Halo with Gaia III. Detection limits for Ultra Faint Dwarf Galaxies.

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  1. Characterizing the Galactic warp with Gaia - I. The tilted ring model with a twist.

    Abedi,  H.; Mateu, C.;  Aguilar, L.; Figueras, F.; Romero-Gómez, M. 2014MNRAS.442.3627A

  1. The QUEST RR Lyrae Survey: III. The Low Latitude Catalogue.

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Collaborations in other topics

  1. The Rotation Period Distributions of 4-10 Myr T Tauri Stars in Orion OB1: New Constraints on Pre-main-sequence Angular Momentum Evolution.

   Karim, M. T.; Stassun, K G.; Briceño, C.; Vivas, A. K.; Raetz, S.; Mateu, C.; Downes, J. J.; Calvet, N.;

   Hernández, J.; Neuhäuser, R.; and 8 coauthors. 2016AJ....152..198K

  1. The number fraction of discs around brown dwarfs in Orion OB1a and the 25 Orionis group.

  2. Downes, J. J.; Román-Zúñiga, C.; Ballesteros-Paredes, J.; Mateu, C.; Briceño, C.; Hernández, J. 2015MNRAS.450.3490D

  3. On the recovery of galaxy properties from SED fitting solutions.

  4. Magris, G; Mateu, J; Mateu, C; Bruzual, G; Cabrera-Ziri, I; Mejía-Narváez, A. 2015PASP..127...16M

  5. Searching for tidal tails around omega ω Centauri using RR Lyrae Stars.

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